This post is from Flower Hughes as part of their Sacred Connection event.

I am lonely. The irony of loneliness is that I am not alone in feeling this way. Young adults from all walks of life feel alone in this not-quite-child not-quite-adult phase of life. The transitions in responsibility and disruption of old routines amplifies a deficiency that most of us developed in primary school and that many carry into their adult lives: we don’t know how to have meaningful and intentional relationships with people who are not conveniently presented to us by circumstance and repetition. 

The Symptoms of Casual Friendships (and why we shouldn’t settle for them)

I’m not writing this to suggest that you shouldn’t be friendly with classmates or coworkers or that the casual relationships you have with these people are bad. Often these surface connections can grow into deep roots and lifelong friends. However, humans are social creatures who cannot live in the shallow growths of convenience-based relationships. We crave more to fill our full selves. As scary as it can be, to be loved is to be known deeply and fully. 

On Monday, March 11, I am going to dive deeper into this topic. The event with be at at 7pm at Derrick’s house. I deeply believe that God wants us to connect to each other as children of the most high God and that God designed us to need each other. 

March 4, 2019