David had many different seasons of his life. He started as an underdog who wasn’t noticed for his good works, then one moment of calling and chosen-ness from God brought him recognition and the throne, which didn’t come for about 15 years. During those years he does good works all across the land and gains a following. In another part of his life he is hunted down by king Saul and is trying his best to survive long enough to actually acquire the throne. Later he becomes king, abuses his power, hurts people, lies, experiences loss, all while staying in close connection with God.

We hear about David’s goodness, his chosen-ness, his brokenness, and his many other wrongdoings for a reason. We see a story with many different relatable areas, with a character who is broken, but constantly receiving God’s love. We could plop ourself into any given part of this story and get the same message.

God loved David and never left him. No matter how many times David ran from God, God would always be waiting for him to return with love, and God’s love for David is great news for us.

These are the main points that stuck out to me after hearing how loved David was by God.

1. It is okay to be emotional

David expressed his deep emotions with God many times throughout his life. He talked about his enemies, his poor conditions, his consequences for his poor actions, and he talked about how he felt in general. David sees God as a powerful God, but also as someone he can trust with his emotions. David sees God as his Lord that should be worshiped and also a close friend. We can be open and vulnerable with God and still worship and praise him.

2. God Loves us

David was a very broken man, and continued to be broken until his death. I saw God reach toward him even though he was continually falling back into his sinful ways. And that love meant so much to David. He was able to claim that he was loved by God and do incredibly good things for the kingdom. So even though we are broken, we will always have love from God, and that gives us courage to continue bettering this world and doing God’s will.

3. David claimed that he was chosen by God and he proclaimed that he was appointed by God to the throne of Israel

This didn’t make him a perfect person, but it did help him acknowledge the importance of all he did and unite the tribes of Israel. In leaning into who we are, we gain the confidence to choose others and empower them. The more we accept our chosen-ness in God, the more responsibility we can hand off to others to bring the kingdom here.
Austin Davis
JU Ministry Assistant

July 20, 2018