I truly believe that as a human race we are doing a lot better at this whole living life together thing. I also believe that it is important to remember where we’ve come from, not forgetting our past mistakes, so that when trials come along again it will be far easier to identify the evil and to get rid of it.

In 2 Samuel 13-14 we read of these past failures. The evil acts David partook in have been forgiven but still have consequences. Nathan foretold that David’s family would suffer because of his actions and that couldn’t be more true. David abused his power and his people to attain the evil desires of his heart and so do his sons.

In the same way David ordered his men to kill Bathsheba’s husband, David’s son Absalom order his men to kill his brother. In the same way that David abused his power in order to rape Bathsheba, Amnon did likewise with his sister Tamara. Instead of dismissing their evil thoughts, both Amnon and Absalom entertained the thoughts until they carried out the evil they were thinking on. The reason they so easily gave into these evil thoughts was because they had the power to make them happen.

These verses were not easy for me to read, and honestly I straight up didn’t want to write about any of it because it disgusted me so much. The actions that David and his sons take are vile, selfish, and evil. They take the power they have been given and use it to harm others instead of build them up. I believe justice needed to be served to them and at first I was on the same side as Absalom, who took justice into his own hands. But we know what happens when we become the judge and the jury. We become like Saul, who partook in the things he openly rejected and hated in order to get his way, which inevitably led to more corruption and his death.

“Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely” -Lord Acton

We all have power over something. As small as our words and as big as our world, we are responsible for how we use our power. So please, as painful as these verses may be, meditate on them. Look into yourself to find the ways that you may already be abusing your power. Look into yourself and see how you can use the power and authority you have to make things better for everyone, not just you.

God will always forgive you, and will always want the best for you. But our actions have consequences. Our words are powerful. Our lives are meaning filled, so make it count. Strive to be the best you, but have patience with yourself. Surround yourself with loving people, so that when those evil thoughts do come, your friends can help you overcome.

Austin Davis
JU Ministry Assistant

June 26, 2018