This is supposed to be all about David, but honestly WHAT ABOUT SAUL?!?! No, Saul was not the best person, but he wasn’t the worst either. Saul was scared, terrified, afraid; all because David was a strong, powerful, and very influential person. His words were heard by people you wouldn’t even think would care and it all started because of a little kid with a stone verses a very large man with a sword.

Saul wanted David dead because he was afraid of him and what he was capable of. Honestly, if I were in Saul’s position, heck yeah I’d be scared.

I am very much like Saul, not in that I want to kill people, but that I don’t want people to be better at things I do and am good at. When I find someone who is, it scares me; I get defensive and it makes me mad because that’s my thing. That’s the thing I am good at, so you, this person who just came in here, can’t just take it from me. That’s probably how Saul saw it unfold right in front of him.

So Saul tried to kill David…multiple times, but David was acting like a snobby little brat. In 1 Samuel 26:22, after David steals Saul’s spear that was laying next to him while he slept, David says “Here is the King’s spear, Let one of your young men come over and get it.” Now some people may think that this was David wanting someone that wasn’t Saul to come get the spear so Saul wouldn’t kill him, but I think this is David’s way of telling/showing Saul that he was so much better than him – that David was too good for Saul to come get his own spear.  

Every time that Saul would make an attempt to kill David, David would always come around saying something like “I spared your life, so now you cannot kill me.” Excuse me, but David, if he wanted to kill you, he could still kill you. You don’t have to try and guilt him out of it. DAVID. BRO…LET SAUL DO SAUL. THANK YOU!

Honestly, we should all just try and live our lives and if someone tries to get in the way of our path, do what David did and just move/go a different route, but also be Saul and don’t give up hehe. You know what, be Savid (Saul + David). Be David- a powerful, influential person, but don’t guilt people into doing things; and be Saul- help people become a better them, but don’t get mad if you help them become a better you. Just be proud of yourself for helping them become that strong leader, artist, writer, mechanic, speaker, etc.

Chloe Callahan
UNF Ministry Assistant

May 24, 2018