“When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place.” – Acts 2:1 ESV

When Jesus told the disciples to wait for the promise, I doubt they knew what was coming. As they prayed and sang together those ten days after the Ascension of Jesus, they were together and it was probably fun; but ultimately, it was a ten-day waiting game. Verse 2 of chapter 2 uses the term ‘suddenly’ to describe the moment that the Holy Spirit was poured out; I think that was Luke’s version. Thomas’s version was probably closer to ‘Then FINALLY after waiting ten long days…’ If these 120 women and men are normal humans, one of them had to be secretly complaining about the waiting, right?! Maybe, maybe not.

You’re story isn’t that different.

We’re all waiting for something, right? Maybe we’re waiting for this college season to finally end. Or maybe you’re waiting for clarity on your major and what career is right for you. Some of us are waiting for financial aid. Others are waiting for that stride to kick in so you’re actually motivated to be in classes. Some are waiting for things they’ve never said out loud; others are waiting for friends so they can open up about those things. Most of us, if not all of us, are waiting for something. But you don’t have to wait alone.

My hope is that whether you encounter CCW online or on one of our campuses, that you would know you don’t have to wait on God’s promise by yourself. Just like the first church, we’re all waiting for God to move. We may not know exactly what it will look like, and we may not agree on what it should look like, but what we can do is pray together – with each other and for each other – while we wait.

If you’re waiting on something, we’d love to be community for you and prayerfully wait with you. Email what you’re waiting for to prayer@campustocity.org and our leadership team will join you in the waiting. We’re all in this waiting room together.

Derrick Scott III

Derrick Scott III
Executive Director

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September 6, 2017