Welcome to CCWGathering.org. This is the hub of Campus to City’s online ministry to college-aged young adults in Northeast Florida. Our goal is to curate relevant content that will assist young adults on their journey with Jesus.

You may hear us call this new venture an ‘online campus’. This language is to raise the level of attention of our online ministry to be equal to the attention we give our three physical campus contexts: UNF, JU, and Flagler. We are hoping to offer similar resources online that we would offer on a physical campus. This fall, we are in ‘beta’ mode. We’ll be testing some ideas to see if they serve college students or just keep our team busy. We’d love to hear your feedback over the next several weeks on what’s working & not working.

Whether it’s The Gathering podcast, our blogs and videos, or our online small groups via Facebook, our goal and intention is to serve college students where they are. Thanks for joining us on the journey!

For the sake of the world,


August 16, 2017